Camel Safari

Camel Safari

Our company is offering the most exciting Camel Safari Tour Packages in Jaisalmer to our esteemed clientele. Jaisalmer is ideal destination, if you are planning a holiday tour in Rajasthan exclusively for enjoying Camel Safari. Also referred as “The Golden City”, taking a camel safari in Jaisalmer is altogether a different and unforgettable experience. As far as your eyes go, you will see long stretches of the sam sand dunes of the Thar Desert and there is no way better than enjoying Sand dunes on Camel. Book Camel Safari in Jaisalmer with duration of safari varies from half-day to a number of days. Our expert guides ensure that in exploring of Rajasthan’s villages, culture, birds, animals, folk dance, food and many more, escorts the entire safari. Book Camel Safari in Rajasthan that covers several sightseeing attractions, the best way to enjoy the camel ride is mix up some walking with camel riding, soaking you in the tranquility of the desert and stretching freely in nature adobe. Therefore, Book Camel Safari in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan with us to get an experience that lasts for lifetime.


In the Thar desert, in the northwest India, in a spot where the exotism and shade of the Indian urban communities meets the quiet and bumpy state of the desert sands, the camels are moving. They do as such for a considerable length of time. Their managers have conveyed the products along the Silk Road, have sustained abounding populaces, have strolled over sands that dilemma urban areas, deserting the characteristics of the profound strides into a universe of puzzle and dream.


The Indian epic writings gave the desert a name that connected it to religion and flavors: Lavanasagara, the Salt Ocean, that was conceived on a separation from the River Sarasvati, one of the primary waterways referenced in the Rig Veda antiquated Hindu writings.


Jaisalmet shows up amidst the desert as a sparkling city of light, delegated by the irregular state of the mansion. The roads are packed each day by the nearby traders, the tramp young ladies moving in an undulating developments to the sound of a music radiating from the uncommon strings and percussion instruments. Some place among them we can in any case hear the rawanhathha, a run of the mill nearby guitar, with its extraordinary sound that these days, just a couple of skill to play.


The desert street is as yet crossed by numerous voyagers and local people, making the Thar the most crowded of the desert zones of the world, and camels wander through it with the stupor of a cadenced development that calms and charms as though an inconspicuous power is forcing development onto their long legs. Finding the right parity over one of these creatures is an activity of quiet and character. Should we figure out how to pursue the move of its body and soon we will probably feel the hot desert wind folding over our hoair and in front of us, we will simply observe the moderate looking over the sandy way prompting the skyline. This is the genuine enchantment of the desert.

Realizing the Rajasthan is building an internal connection with the Thar desert. You can't know the Rajasthan on the off chance that you don't experience the three monstrous doors of the Jaisalmer mansion sucessively following up a winding way that once served to avert and stop foe assaults.


That is the place we will anticipate you, to demonstrate to you a smidgen of the desert life, to tell you the sentiment of nodding off around evening time with your eyes on the stars. Along the pages of this site you will locate some handy exhortation you ought to pursue to get a one of a kind encounter that will stay in your recollections a long ways past the season of a basic trek. You can likewise observe the courses we have decided for you and choose which one is most appropriate to your gathering or your dream, inside the time you have accessible.


We additionally welcome you to visit our photograph display where you can get a first thought regarding what is, indeed, the desert and the lives of the individuals who cross it every day. Princesses and Maharajas, have crossed it and have adored it. Presently it's your turn.


In Jaisalmer, we will sit tight for you.




The camel is a dazzling and manageable creature, nonetheless, certain consideration must be taken and guidelines saw to make your ride as agreeable and protected as could reasonably be expected.

When mounting the camel recline and ensure you are agreeable in your seat

Drape your knapsack on the seat handle.

At the point when the camel stands up or plunks down, lean bak again and hold the reins (mori) firmly.

Continuously hold the reins when riding, as you will be shaken delicately back the forward.


When transforming right force the correct rein delicately into the correct diretion, when turning left destroy the left one to one side.

For dashing force the two reins together gradually and give the camel a slight kick on the two sides with your legs.

To make the camel stop pull the two reins backwad rapidly.

To cause the camel to plunk down draw the two reins and mouth the word '' jhu''.

To make it walk again simply pull the reins up once more.

Should you wish to get an exhibition of the above before the beginning of the trek. it would be ideal if you simply ask our prepared drivers. Never incite a camel or give it any kind of nourishment !




A cap, top or turban.

Sunscreen and shades.

Long-sleeve shirt, long pants, tennis shoes or other sort of strong shoes. Keep in mind, the sun is wild!

Camera and film

Bathroom tissue and towel.

Journal, Pen, a book to peruse, cards or different diversions.

Restorative unit (for in the event that something goes wrong)

in the winter season comfortable garments for the evening.

A major grin and uplifting frame of mind.

 Food and Mineral/separated water will be given consistently. our camel drivers utilize just this water when planning dinners. All the nourishment is veggie lover and naturally arranged over the camefire you needn't bother with a camping bed as you will be given clean bedrolls, which will keep you warm and shield you from the sand.

Make sure to keep the desert clean and never abandon any junk.


If you don't mind don't hesitate to ask about less expensive safaris, notwithstanding, when looking at costs please remember the nature of administration we are putting forth. we can ensure the freshest nourishment fixings, clean water and bed rolls and our courses are absolutely non-touristic. consequently, you are probably not going to meet other vacationer.


The Agency won't be dependable and at risk for any issues related with the utilization of liquor or medications during the excursion.

In case of retraction 18 hours before takeoff. you will misfortune half of the all out expense, should you drop under 18 hours preceding the outing 75% will be deducted.

In case of delay because of disorder or some other reasson, you will be charged Rs. 850 for some other booking. any unscheduled get excursions of our jeep will be charged at Rs 1000. It isn't permitted to leave the camp during evening time.

If it's not too much trouble note that the Agency does not acknowledge duty regarding any antagonistic climate you may experience during your safari.