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Desert Safari Tour in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a splendid region in the maharaja state of India in Rajasthan that sways in a profusion of colors. Witnessing the beauty of the spectacular sandy terrain is a much-revered sightseeing activity for tourists visiting Rajasthan. Our offered Desert safari tour Package in Jaisalmer is loaded with thrilling experience for people visiting the desert for the first time. Our offered Jaisalmer desert safari tour package enables to spend a whole night or an evening in the Thar Desert at Jaisalmer and enjoy Camel Safari, Jeep Safari, Musical evening, Rajasthani Mujra and pure Rajasthani food at a desert camp under the clear sky of Jaisalmer’s desert. Just step away from city life for a day and understand the real desert life with us. The offered Jaisalmer desert safari tour booking makes you to experience the soul of this enchanting land on a camel safari’s and Desert Jeep Safari in Sam Sand Dunes with our Jaisalmer desert safari tour package. We provides village safari for our guest through jeep & camel in desert and to feel local village lifestyle and atmosphere through Jaisalmer desert safari tour Bookings offered by our company.


The glistening golden sand of Jaisalmer attracts thousands of tourists each year. The limitless bounds of the Great Indian Thar desert make Jaisalmer a great spot for desert safari. And if when it comes to desert safari, no one offers more adventurous and fun-filled desert safari packages than Shree Vyas Travels. Having spent all of his childhood in the lanes of Jaisalmer, our founder knows all the nooks and corners of this desert city like his home. Our tour agents have over five years of experience in the tourism industry and promise an unforgettable desert safari experience when you choose us.

A desert safari in Jaisalmer or any other part of Rajasthan can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience with our desert safari packages. We greet our guests in the most traditional Rajasthani style and make sure that they get a glimpse of the true culture of the state. With our desert safari, you get to spend a night in the comfortable and extravagant tents set up amidst the sand. We also host a number of other activities for our guests and make their desert safari and stay in the desert tent camps worthwhile. So, contact us anytime and rest assured of an experience of a lifetime with our specially curated desert safari packages.


       Desert Safari Tour in Jaisalmer                                    Desert Safari in Jaisalmer



      Jaisalmer Desert Safari Tour Package

What better way to explore and glide through the deserts than on the ship of the desert, the camel? Indeed, camel safari is the authentic and the most exciting ways to roam around in the desert. Exploring the vast expanses of desert on a camel back can bring you closer to the olden ways in which people traveled in Rajasthan. You get to experience the thrill of riding the camel with the soothing jerks that it offers throughout the ride. Witnessing the marvels of sand and the majestic dunes around you couldn’t have been better than on a camel’s back.

The camels that we have domesticated are well-behaved with humans and offer a comfy ride to the rider. With our camel safari, you can rest assured of your safety and comfort while exploring the historically and culturally rich sands of the Thar. When in Jaisalmer, make sure to consult us and book the best desert safari packages on camel back at affordable prices. We also arrange for night entertainment at the camps set up in various locations with our safari packages.


Desert Safari in Jaisalmer                       Desert Safari in Jaisalmer Rajasthan



Desert Safari in Rajasthan

Driving through the sand in a comfortable jeep is an incredible experience that you can get in Jaisalmer. Many people today prefer jeep safari in the desert over camel safari owing to the comfort and heat protection that the jeeps offer. Moreover, the 4x4 jeeps let you enjoy dune bashing in the desert with your friends or family. At Shree Vyas Travels, we take this experience one notch higher with our incredible 4-wheel drive jeeps. Dune bashing becomes easier and safer when you have complete control over the jeep while driving it through the sand.

Our jeep safari takes you on an excursion that will change the way you see deserts. Whether you are planning for a short trip to Fossil park or Desert National park, a long drive in the jeep over the glistening sand to the Sam Sand Dunes or a truly long drive to Padholi, we can make all the needful arrangement. A safari is the desert is best enjoyed if you plan a night stay in the tents and experience musical nights, bonfire, and other things. We are known for planning the most eventful. Book our jeep safari packages and explore the flora fauna and the civilization of the deserts more closely.  


DESERT SAFARI IN RAJASTHAN               desert safari in rajasthan