General Information


Step by step Instructions to Reach Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is arranged in the very heart of Rajasthan and a prominent visitor goal in this way it is all around associated with the remainder of India and Rajasthan with aviation routes, railroads just as roadways.

The most effective method to reach Jaisalmer via Airways

In spite of the fact that Jaisalmer isn't straightforwardly associated with Airways all things considered, Jodhpur airplane terminal is 300 Km away. Jodhpur is associated with all the significant metros of India by government possessed just as private carriers. From Jodhpur you can contract Cabs or take a train adventure as per your desire and inclination.

The most effective method to reach Jaisalmer by Railways

Jaisalmer is associated with significant urban areas of India through expansive measure just as meter check railroad tracks. Direct trains from Jaisalmer are accessible to Jodhpur just as Delhi. Jaisalmer is associated through both 'Expansive check' just as 'Meter measure' tracks. You can likewise make a trip to Jaisalmer by Palace on Wheels.

Step by step instructions to reach Jaisalmer by Roadways

Jaisalmer is all around associated with the remainder of state by well-looked after streets. Because of its vicinity to Indo-Pak guest, unique accentuation is given on its upkeep. Grand and Ordinary transports of Rajasthan Roadways and Private organizations work structure Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Barmer, Mount Abu, Jalore, Ahemdabad and so on, Roadways fundamental transport remain inverse Railway station and Golden transport terminal close State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Shiv street, Jaisalmer are the two noteworthy transport stands.

Nearby transportation in Jaisalmer

General transportation in Jaisalmer comprises of auto rickshaw and bikes on the grounds that these are great intends to get around. Auto rickshaw is a shabby method of transportation however drivers probably won't be neighborly every one of the occasions. It is prescribed to take rickshaw when you take blocked streets so as to maintain a strategic distance from bottlenecks.

Perfect Time to Visit Jaisalmer

The perfect time to visit Jaisalmer is from October to the period of March, in spite of the fact that the city stays clamoring with vacationers consistently. In the event that you are here not for simple fun but rather to pursue undertakings then Jaisalmer merits visiting round the year. All things considered, in summers there are chances you may get influenced with warmth stroke.

Area of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is arranged in India, the place that is known for various societies and individuals. It is one of the significant vacation destinations and social center in South Asia. Jaisalmer is arranged in the western Rajasthan locale in the midst of Thar Desert, near Indo-Pak visitor.

Longitude: 69.3 to 72.2° East

Scope: 26.01 to 28.02° North

Separation from Major Cities

Jaipur - 558 Kilometers

Delhi - 864 Kilometers

Ahmedabad - 626 Kilometers

Mumbai - 1177 Kilometers

Jodhpur - 300 Kilometers

bikaner - 340 kilometers

udaipur - 506 kilometers

mt. abu - 442 kilometers

puskar - 447 kilometers


Jaisalmer Weather

The climate and atmosphere of the Jaisalmer is Arid in nature ordinary of any Desert locale. Summers are sweltering yet winters are moderately lovely.

Climate in summer

Jaisalmer is sweltering in the summers. Summer season continues from April to August. The daytime temperature stays high and for the most part contacts around 42°C. Evenings are moderately cooler ordinary of dry desert atmosphere and the temperature comes down to as low as 25 °C.

Climate in winter

Winters in Jaisalmer are much cooler with day temperature staying wonderful around 24°C. Furthermore, evenings are crisp with temperature getting as low as 7 to 8°C. The winter falls around Mid-November and proceeds till February end.

Climate in Monsoon

As Jaisalmer is arranged in the midst of Thar Desert storm is on a par with immaterial. In spite of the fact that western aggravation brings around 15 centimeters of yearly precipitation, Jaisalmer stays dry for most pieces of the year.