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Visits to Rajasthan isn't about fun and fervor. The assortment of attractions in different parts of Rajasthan additionally offers an advancing background. Be that as it may, it's not just the general travelers who come down to Rajasthan. The nearness of expansive number sanctuaries in Rajasthan India likewise draws in countless. These sanctuaries have chronicled an incentive and additionally religious significance. A portion of the sanctuaries likewise brag a stunning engineering. Jaisalmer being a standout amongst the most critical urban areas in Rajasthan likewise has some of these wonderful sanctuaries. The sanctuaries in Jaisalmer are a standout amongst the most prevalent vacation destinations in Jaisalmer. These sanctuaries give you a reasonable photo of the way of life, religious, financial and political history of Jaisalmer. A visit to these sanctuaries is an absolute necessity amid to a visit to Jaisalmer. Each city in Rajasthan has a noteworthy or incredible Temple. These temples are not only a position of love for local people yet have likewise turned into an imperative vacation spot in Rajasthan. So in the wake of hearing a ton of enquiries from our customers we chose to post a progression of online journals on must see Temples close to Jaisalmer or in Jaisalmer. 




Tanot Mata is a temple in western State of Rajasthan in District Jaisalmer of India. According to the most established Charan writing Tannot Mata is new clone of awesome goddess Hinglaj Mata, and than after Tannot Mata moves toward becoming Karni Mata, And known as Goddess Of Charan's. Tannot Basically The town is near the outskirt with Pakistan, and is near the fight site of Longewala of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. It is said that amid the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Pakistani Army dropped a few bombs focusing on the sanctuary however none of the bombs could fall on the temple premises and substantial number of the bombs in the region of the sanctuary did not detonate. After the war temple administration was given over to Border Security Force of India. On date Border Security Force Jawans man the temple. The temple has an exhibition hall which has accumulations of the unexploded bombs dropped by Pakistan. According to Indian Census, The Population of Tanot Village is 492 Persons having 49 Household. The put is near the Pakistan outskirt, a fruitless land, and is inclined to adversary assaults.



Lakshminath Temple

Laxminath Temple is inside the well known Jaisalmer stronghold and has a place with the Hindu gods of Vishnu and his better half Laxmi. The sanctuaries get countless as Jaisalmer fortification is at the best on the rundown of spots to visit in Jaisalmer. Rao Lunkaran assemble this Temple in 1494 and the structure and ancient rarities of this sanctuary are basic amazing and is an unquestionable requirement see put in Jaisalmer. Observe this little slide of Laxminath Temple.The Lakshminath temple is a standout amongst the most celebrated temple in Jaisalmer. Committed to Goddess of riches, Lakshmi and her better half, Vishnu, the religious significance of the sanctuary additionally draws in a substantial number of fans. The Lakshminath sanctuary is situated inside the Jaisalmer Fort. It was worked in the year 1494. It was worked amid the rule of Rao Lunkaran. The sanctuary has symbols of Vishnu and Lakshmi. These symbols were introduced by a Brahmin named, Sen Pal Shakdvipi. The sanctuary is one of the most established sanctuaries in the city. The sanctuary was likewise revamped by the Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji. The Lakshminath sanctuary had been an incredible fascination for travelers throughout the years. The religious significance of the sanctuary is the real draw for vacationers. The sanctuary is devoted to Lakhsmi and Vishnu. They are viewed as the preserver in the Hindu religion. A sanctuary committed to these God and Goddess will undoubtedly be gone to by countless.



About Jain temples in Jaisalmer

The Jain sanctuaries in Jaisalmer are situated inside the Jaisalmer Fort premises. Its area additionally turns out to be alluring to the vacationers as the vast majority of the visitors get the opportunity to visit both the attractions. These sanctuaries go back to the twelfth century. The sanctuaries are devoted to Rikhadev and Sambavnath, the first and the third Jain tirthtankar. There are seven Jain sanctuaries altogether. They are fabricated and disregarded by the supporters of the Swetambar Sect. Among these sanctuaries, the greatest one is The Paraswanath Temple and is generally alluring. The engineering of the Jaisalmer Jain sanctuaries bears a considerable measure similarity with Dilwara sanctuaries. These Jain sanctuaries exhibit the sanctuary design that was overwhelming in the medieval time. One of the one of a kind highlights of the sanctuary is the tremendous chain of hallways. These passageways interface the sanctuaries. Another fascination of the sanctuary that will most likely pull in your consideration is the cut lotus images on the sanctuary vaults. It additionally has various stone models and inscriptions of on the sanctuary dividers.




The Lodurva Temple in Jaisalmer are a standout amongst the most went to temples in Jaislamer. It is one of the most seasoned temples in Jaisalmer. A visit to the Jaisalmer is inadequate without a visit to this sanctuary. Situated amidst recorded vestiges of the Lodurva sanctuaries, the Lodurva sanctuaries is one of the most seasoned sanctuaries in Jaisalmer. The area is just 15 kilometers from the Jaisalmer visit. The area likewise turns out to be favorable for sightseers as they can without much of a stretch access the sanctuaries. As one of the most seasoned sanctuaries, the sanctuaries have a rich history related to it also. It had been an observer to the magnificence and wonder of the Bhatti Rajputs. Truth be told, the sanctuaries are worked by this group of Rajputs. The Bhattis were available in this piece of the Rajasthan for quite a while. Before setting up their capital in Jaisalmer, the Rajputs rules preeminent over Lodurva. Countless visit this place with a specific end goal to witness the remains of the city. On going by this place, you will likewise have the capacity to see the energetically hued peacocks moving near you. Be that as it may, the Lodurva sanctuaries are the prime fascination of the place.